Beyond smartphones

"Beyond smartphones" is our this year slogan. It underlines our commitment to expand business to other innovative areas.
We developing our team and looking for new business partners.

These new areas define such words as: 

  • sensors and microrobotics used together with smartphones
  • Arduino and other AVR microprocessors supported by such Raspberry Pi
  • BLE, iBeacons, NFC and RFID tagged sensors supporting Augmented Reality
  • SMART CITY + smart work + smart living
  • Android Wear
  • mobile solution for underwater hotel with basic submersible simulator and educational game about underwater life
  • mobile workflows - using accessories; example subject: creating sustainable buildings and landscape architecture

Here, a brief quote:

We would like to inspire our conversation partners with vision of using mu-mote concept in: Urban Mobility, Energy Infrastructure and Liveable City tracks.
One of current realization of above intelligent accesories is a mobile solution related with designing and reconstructing house / building in relation to Horizon2020.

This mobile solution supported by grid of smart devices provides possibilities to design virtual house which can be virtualized (using augmented reality) on the real ground.

User can also virtually change structure of the current house, used materials, green energy equipment, surrounding environment etc.
Mobile solution will present recalculated data regarding energy consumption, energy produce forecasts, cost of needed materials, sustainability indexes of restructured green house etc.
All as a real time simulator suported by industrial data from institutions and professional organizations.