Smart Cities

mobiLAB wypracowało dwa ważne koncepty, które swoimi zastosowaniami odpowiadają na potrzeby miast rozwijających się w kierunku SMART CITY.

Pierwszy to Serviceman - mobile solution for communities - this interesting concept is directly related with SMART AND LIVEABLE CITY.

Using this mobile solution the community of agglomeration can submit the issues of the city infrastructure (fx. new wholes in the road, odor, too high temperature in public buildings, street lights which are unnecessary switched ON etc).

Encouraging feature of this version is that some of submitted tasks could be maintained by group of volunteers

The community version of serviceman - mobile solution will be based on our product for professionals, with service industry quality.


Drugi to  Small mobile accessory in SMART CITY - call for concept testers, pioneer, early-bird customers regarding customer development process.

Small accessory dedicated to mobile devices, embedding:
- Bluetooth Low Energy plus ANT+
- accelerometer, gyroscope, physical quantities sensors (gravity, magnetic field, etc. )
- RFID tagging
- mechatronics elements
- and other technologies like iBeacon , NFC etc.

We clearly see these small devices (full of sensors) with embedded intelligence and wireless direct networking (between each of devices grid) as excellent tool to collect BIG DATA in smart cities, intelligent buildings and urban areas.

Mentioned small accessories can work as independent real-time sensors (light, temperature, wind etc).

This concept supports knowledge and education aspect reg. sustainability by design and promote a greener, more sustainable community.


Beside our development standard services we have worked out few new physical product ideas which are in concept or prototype stage.

We are looking for business partners, early-bird customers, cities and organizations which can cooperate as concept testers, pioneer during customer discovery and customer validation steps of customer development process.

The goal of this process is brainstorming the problems our new concepts of small accessories and other products can solves, customer understanding, get market knowledge, test 'problem' solution and qualify hypotheses and test product concept once again.


We woul like to involve leading green cities, innovative cleanetch companies, research institutions and all other interested in 'in motion' technologies.

We are very interested in every innovative discussion about our new accessories concept and it usage in cleantech, smart energy grids, home management, intelligent buildings, IoT, health, education etc

We are also looking for fast tracks and knowledge how to cooperate with public sector, institutes and big organizations as a potential business partners.


Research co-operation Technical co-operation Sales/Distribution Investment/Financing

May 5, 2014

Cooperation Offer…
↳ mobiLAB in motion technologies: development, prototyping and integrating offer
mobiLAB in motion technologies is a development studio dealing with mobile technologies and their surroundings since last 3 years. From 2 years, we are based in the Science and Technology Park ScionDTU in Lyngby.

We are developing, prototyping and integrating innovative mobile solutions in many branches of industry.


Our knowledge and experience covers a wide spectrum of mobile technologies:
from native iOS, Android, Windows Phone applications to own concepts of sensors and electronic gadgets connected to popular mobile devices.

As our new motto we choosed 'Beyond smartphones' to emphasize the increasing role of new technologies such as 'Internet of Things', Bluetooth Low Energy, Arduino, iBeacon, M2M, etc. in our everyday life :)


Cleantech, medical and industrial market


We are looking for fast tracks and knowledge how to cooperate with public sector, institutes and big organizations as a potential business partners.