Our goal is to adapt to our customers' needs in best way we can. This is why we are presenting expended IT offer.
We are offering services related with:

  • implementation of business ideas on mobile devices, desktops, big screens or as embedded applications for gadgets and other devices
  • refactoring old project,
  • different issues in production stage with consultancy needs,
  • support of final mobile products matketing
  • organisations, who are looking for business relations and partnership
  • and many many more

We divided our services into three groups. Feel free to read about our services, and contact us for more information.


Software solutions, subcontracted project, simply all kinds of programming development.

Consultancy service

Consultancy and project management, developers outsourcing for a work periods, different kinds of support during all stages of project

Products ecosystem

Services that relate to product's ecosystem, after-production support and on-market growth.

Things connected

We are in the process of expanding the our team with new colleagues, electronic and mechatronic engineers. This is our way to powered our offer with new services related to engineering of connected objects.