Consultancy Service

In this section you can find our offer regarding business processes support services associated with mobile technologies and in general 'beyond smartphones' kind of projects.
Here we present the basic consulting services related to the advice and expertise.
We encourage you also to hire us as consultants to specific engineering tasks in an existing project, or as part of a development team.

As part of the consulting services we offer not only analysis and programming but also the expertise and audit of existing code or reconstraction of corrupted documentation.

Valuable is also our cooperation with the customer's sale departments, preparation of the technological part of investor offers. In this situations we are working as a digital concepts developers.

We can also efficiently assist you in:
* Prototypes building
* Marketing researches,
* Feasibility studies,
* Building a team of testers,
* or as consultants on projects participating in contests or trying out about mutual funds or EU grants.

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