Feasibility study

It is unrealistic to expect our customers, managers to be experts in all departments of mobile development 
That's why we support our clients by preparing, whole or partial feasibility study:

  • market analysis,
  • business and economic analysis ,
  • technical analysis,
  • strategic analysis, development strategy of the mobile product  

The purpose of these analyzes is to ensure the achievement of business goals and avoid pitfalls and mistakes.Especially our contribution to the economic analysis of the production costs, , and market estimates is valuable for leaders that make decision under time pressure. Studies performed by us include:

  • evaluation of project ideas in relation to competitive solutions
  • results of consultations of te concept  with the target group
  • suggestions for modification of existing, and prototyping of future, product functionality
  • work schedule broken down into roles and hours of work
  • work estimate broken down into roles and hours of work
  • technical analysis, which includes:
    •  functionality diagrams along with suggestions regarding UI ergonomics and information architecture, use cases diagrams (based on user stories)
    • technical UML diagrams: (architectural) components, class diagrams, implementation, activity, etc
    • transformation of business goals to generated solutions functions and propositions for projects different tasks. This different tasks in Agile SCRUM methodology are being called: product backlog. This occurs after consultations and sessions with a project manager (product owner) from client's side
    • assessment of product backlog business value. This occurs after sessions with the product owner and other stakeholders, interested in the business aspect of the project (investors, management companies, marketing departments)
    • propositions for balance between development teams capabilities and business expectations. It  contains also a description of the necessary human resources, their skills and roles

This way, client of such a service, receives:

  • a fresh look at his/her business idea, the concept audit carried out by experienced developer office
  • a set of materials which allows him/her to begin production, workers recruitment and anticipate next steps

This service is especially valuable for directors / CEO, heads of technical departments / CTO of organizations which have no or little experience in mobile technologies and  software production to this market. This allows to simplify the complicated dependencies and avoid costly mistakes.