Ideas and prototyping

When working with many progamming projects, the importence of prototyping can not be overstimated. It's evident especially in mobile solutions-, software-, embedded devices-, gadgets- and complex mobile applications projects.

Programmatic prototype is an incomplete and very preliminar version of the running application created only to test the concept, work on the digital concept  along with other stakeholders (partners, other company departments, fx marketing, external consultants, investors, direct customers, etc.).   Usually the prototype only stimulates certain aspects and may differ completely from the final product. 

embedded but in motion, embedded but connected 
As part of our new strategy beyond smartphones we are expanding our range of prototyping using:

  • Embedded Android - improves the 'time to market' for products with embedded software
  • mbed - open-source electronics prototyping platform
  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and LabView™

Based on our experience, we can clearly see several advantages of prototyping:

  • Project managers, designers and developers can get valuable feedback from users at an early stage of the project
  • Product owners, business developers, marketing departments can consult the idea of ​​the application / project with company's business partners, and provide market research etc.
  • The contractor and the client can at an early stage make sure whether the developed direction consistent with the technical specifications of the order. 
  • the accuracy of the initial assumptions, estimates and work schedules are visable,  The prototype helps to assess whether the chosen methodology for menaging the production (Agile, SCRUM or otherwise) is the right one, and if the developers are able to keep the pre-contracted deadlines.
  • It allows users and contractors to assess the proposal of the development studio (the interface design, the impressions associated with it, effectiveness, efficiency etc.)  by trying it out, rather than relying on some descriptions and diagrams.
  • The prototype also allows you to find leaks in the initial functional assumptions of the  project and replenish them with the first feedbacks from users. All in the very initial stage of the project. Exacly that can be crucial in marketing of the product and its initial  approval/adaptation by the market.
  • This also allows you to adjust business ideas to the possibilities of current technologies, as well as be a source of inspiration for future solutions / product versions

paper and pencil
However, before creating a programming prototype, we offer our customers 'paper' prototyping, including:

    • definition and development of the product idea/concept with our customer
    • Designing and analysing architecture of a functional solution - UML diagrams 'use case', the interface wireframes, UI flow
    • projects and propositions to design of the application, mookups (useful in marketing research 'go to market!' processes  and 'customer development processes'), 
    • compilation of mookups to a form running on target devices 
      It's a simple prototype of the implemented flow between the main nodes and application screens, built to re-analyse the UI flow  with a test group
    • placement described above, working prototypes in the Internet (on-line) in form of a web application (Flash or HTML5).
      This is extremely useful when remote working with teams of developers
    • API prototyping of both applications and server side - UML diagrams.

Well done elements form above often contributes to a shorter production time , improvement of information flow and higher final product quality