Mobile apps

We have created mobile applications for several years now. Right now we have several medium and large projects in the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone with in our luggage.

iOS + Android
Most of our projects have been made ​​simultaneously on the iOS- and Android platform.
We usually work with the customer from the beginning, from the development of the strategy, testing and development of the concept, consultations of the first prototypes on the market through the entire cycle of development/programming, right up to the marketing of the application.

Windows Phone, Blackberry
We are convinced that the Windows Phone platform deserves a greater recognition from customers.
Our experience with C #, Metro-style and Windows Phone is documented by probably the first in Denmark app for Metro made ​​a leading telecommunications operator Telia A / S.

For about a year ago, some significant changes occurred in the way of making apps for the BlackBerry platform.
When the opportunity arose to write in Java, we decided to perform one of our projects ( for this platform. It ended up a success, and the app works really well.

Flex, AIR and HTML5
But some of our first mobile applications were still built using Adobe + platforms (Flex, AIR, ActionScript, Flash, PhoneGap). It's still a great solution to create the first prototypes, test concepts and smaller projects. We recommend it highly.

Beyond smartphones
The near future may be insane. Our major ambition this year is the implementation of our slogan "beyond smartphones".
We aspire that the apps / projects we create with our customers and partners use the latest versions of mobile platforms, and all the innovative opportunities they provide.
We are talking here among others about:

  • new in iOS8, Android KitKat
  • iBeacons based on BLE, NFC,
  • smart watches, simple / basic robotics,
  • Augmented Reality and a few others.

In the context of this slogan, we will mainly use:

  • Embedded Android - improves "time to market" for products with embedded software
  • mbed - an open platform for electronic prototyping (open-source Elektronics prototyping platform)

They are all supported by a source code written in different kinds of C + + / C or Java.

But about the campaign "beyond smartphones" em>, will you hear more in a couple of months. In order to keep up with it, and generally mobiLAB's development like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, it would be a great help. Stay tuned! :-)

For every project, we offer a 90-day standard warranty that applies in our industry.
We also offer some additional warranty periods and maintenance contracts.