Mobile solution

Our goal is not only to provide our customer a complete application, but also to support it with some usefull elements from its environment, such as:

  • integration with back-ends,
  • integration with social media (eg Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • integration with banner systems (eg MADS, Google DoubleClick, iAd)
  • other

It is all about that we should be able to produce an effective, functioning app, and not only a gadget whose life ends after a few months downloaded.

In everyday work we gather new experiences, so we can suggest our customers solutions that are based on, or using in some degree professional back-end solutions, such as

  • Java (Play! + GWT)
  • Dolibarr
  • Drupal, Magento

We are also capable of developing our own server logic solutions that are based on, for example, JBoss, Java or scripting languages ​​(mostly PHP).
A good example is a project mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android) when we delivered a server cache / proxy that supports mobile applications in a faster presentation of current articles to consumers.

An important element of our complex solutions, prototypes and feasibility studies, which we prepare for large companies.
Let the example be a complex proposition '3 in 1 'to the company Atea Denmark, connecting: the book business, entertainment expenses, and reporting on the sellers' tasks.

Complexity is not only a programming solution, but also a general technical solution.
We have extensive experience in

  • work with some an acquired project and source code that other developer have been working on before
  • analyze quickly the quality of the source code we are dealing with, assessing acquired projects
  • make a missing documentation, or complete it li>
  • develop a strategy around rapid prototyping, and a concept together with a project manager from the client side

It lets our customers make better, more thoughtful business decisions.

Embedded but in motion embedded but connected
As a part of our strategy for 2014 beyond smartphones , we are expanding our range with prototyping using:

  • Embedded Android - improves "time to market" for products with embedded software
  • mbed - an open-source platform for electronic prototyping

They are all supported by a source code written in different kinds of C + + / C or Java.
More about beyond smartphones em> on / beyond_smartphones

For each project, we offer a 90-day standard warranty valid in our industry.
We also offer some additional warranty periods and maintenance contracts.