Product ecosystem

Based on our experience, it is quite often that projects may exist in a broader context and own business environment.
The aim of the Product ecosystem submenu is to show all these elements of the mobile solutions' ecosystem that we can produce with full commitment.

We have in mind such as:

  1. the integration of mobile solutions and existing or constructed by mobiLAB server-side modules,
  2. manuals, tutorials and other instructional materials,
  3. production of e-marketing campaign elements:
    Mobile-Friendly Enterprise Websites
    • dedicated CMS
    • dedicated CRM
    • PR e-activities
    • newsletter

    Mobile-Friendly Landing and Product webpages
    • product visualisation and information
    • survey and questionnaires
    • new product concept with community consulting

    Email Marketing
    • High reach
    • Minimal risk
    • Low barrier of entry
    • Full control

    Content Marketing
    • on dedicatet portals
    • contextual advertising
    • direct / referring Links

    SEO and Social Signals
    • native SEO (on the page)
    • link development support
    • SEO tech. articles

    Social Media Marketing
    • create social media accounts and assign someone to launch interesting material (fx linkedIn webpage)
    • support team is monitoring people’s feedback on social media
    • social bookmarks

    Image & Video - Centric Content
    • professional illustrations
    • infographics
    • online video & video ads
    • video tutorials and manuals
    • happy customers video / podcasts
    • videos of people using your product

    PPC Campaignes
    • banners compaign after product launch
    • campaign cycles and ROI measurement

    • iBeacons (microlocation marketing)
    • geo-content

    • analytics set up and tracking capabilities

    Grand opening support
    • Tech. support during ‘Launch’ event / grand opening

  4. Support in the preparation of related video and audio materials