Design & e-marketing

Cooperating for many years with interactive agencies we can boast of the skills associated with creating e-marketing strategi and production of its elements.

By this we mean:

    Mobile-Friendly Enterprise Websites
    • dedicated CMS
    • dedicated CRM
    • PR e-activities
    • newsletter
    Mobile-Friendly Landing and Product webpages
    • product visualisation and information
    • survey and questionnaires
    • new product concept with community consulting
    Email Marketing
    • High reach
    • Minimal risk
    • Low barrier of entry
    • Full control
    Content Marketing
    • on dedicatet portals
    • contextual advertising
    • direct / referring Links
    SEO and Social Signals
    • native SEO (on the page)
    • link development support
    • SEO tech. articles
    Social Media Marketing
    • create social media accounts and assign someone to launch interesting material (fx linkedIn webpage)
    • support team is monitoring people’s feedback on social media
    • social bookmarks
    Image & Video - Centric Content
    • professional illustrations
    • infographics
    • online video & video ads
    • video tutorials and manuals
    • happy customers video / podcasts
    • videos of people using your product
    PPC Campaignes
    • banners compaign after product launch
    • campaign cycles and ROI measurement
    • iBeacons (microlocation marketing)
    • geo-content
    • analytics set up and tracking capabilities
    Grand opening support
    • Tech. support during ‘Launch’ event / grand opening

Dynamic or animated graphic forms and banners are developed with HTML5 and Adobe Flash, the static once with usage of Adobe CC other tools.
They are always formed in accordance with the recommendations of media houses, the IAB and the owners of marketing channels (eg Apple).

Especially when it comes to e-marketing on mobile devices we are sticked to the IAB MRAID v.2.0 standards and recommendations related to the Apple iAd Producer.
We have extensive experience in the implementation of the banners provided by the Multi-Screen Ad Server MADS.
We also would like to verify the theory of DFP Small Business and DoubleClick for Publishers in the new project.

graphic design + visual concepts development
People working in mobiLAB quite often are Renaissance souls fond of combining technology and art exactly like Leonardo da Vinci.
We are following also other design path, to mention here only Bauhaus or methodologies Kansei Engineering (Design & Emotion).
We are aware how important contribution to the mobile solution success is its visual part, aesthetics, interface design and ergonomics.
Creating this graphic solutions or collaborating with art directors, designers from the client side we are always remember about it.

Examples of our graphic work you can see in the portfolio / cases section of our web page.
All graphic elements are prepared in few (or even dozen) different versions to accommodate different screen sizes and pixel density.
This allows to maintain the highest quality of user interface.
We do not rescale the graphic files in order to avoid deterioration of the visual layer.

Often new UX elements (such as rotating menu) we are creating programmatically using the built-in animation libraries.

The concept design and prototyping fascinate us from long time. We are developing new customers visual ideas with pleasure.

This kind of consultations and brainstorming sessions also allow both parties to better understand the fascinating possibilities of technology. We are open to all requests regarding visualization of concepts and prototypes, even if it will be used in market research only (digital concept development).

marketing analysis (analytics)
In addition to statistics provided by the app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace, etc.) we implement additional libraries to collect data and build statistical analyzes. Usually it is Google Analytics or Flurry supported by dedicated server-side.

push notifications
Quite often an effective marketing tool to keep positive relationships with users are push notification.
mobiLAB has years of experience in implementation (in the application but also on the server side) modules and services linked with:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) dla systemu iOS
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) dla systemu Android
  • Urban Airship | Mobile Marketing Solutions