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Electronic and mechatronic engineers
We are in the process of expanding the our team with new colleagues, electronic and mechatronic engineers.
This is our way to powered our offer with new services related to "in motion" technologies, pointing here:
* electronic devices and accessories design and prototyping
* embedded software with C/C++ and nesC programming
* programming of AVR controllers together with Atmel, ARM Cortex, TI microcontrolers
* programming of Linux based microprocessors based for instance on: Raspberry, BeaglBoard, PandaBoard extended to experiments with TinyOS
* mobile automation and microrobotics concepting
* using of Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical or CadSoft Eagle in digital prototyping
* stabilise experiences in usage of simulation modules of Matlab + SimuLINK and  LabView in mobile technologies     


Small mobile accessory as wireless sensor grids for smart cities
The first experimental field for this team is a prototype of small accessory dedicated to mobile devices concept. This devices is embedding:
- Bluetooth Low Energy module
- accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, orientation, rotation vector, temperature, humidity, presure, physical quantities sensors, gravity, magnetic field, etc.
- RFID tagging
- mechatronics elements
- and other technologies like iBeacon, NFC

We clearly see the network of these small nodes (full of intelligent sensors) as excellent tool to collect BIG DATA in smart cities, intelligent buildings and other urban areas (urban mobility, energy infrastructure data, liveable city, etc).     

Nodes can measure many parameters for a more efficient management of the city.
The data can be delivered wirelessly to the appropriate authorities and then citizens in real-time.
This spatially distributed autonomous sensors will monitor physical and environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, pressure, etc. and to cooperatively pass their data through the network.

There are many application areas for example: hospitals, detection of water leaks, build basic urban noise maps etc.
However the future for such a devices is quite open and we easily counted over 25 different business use cases for this technology.