Embedded software

Embedded software is a new direction to us.
Software written to control small machines and peripherals although is not as visually impressive as the mobile applications but  again our goal is a high level of specialized code for these devices.

Experience in building many different APIs is useful in the design of programming interfaces for machines.
In addition, we are constantly expanding our knowledge regarding:

  • cross-platform microcontrollers : PIC , AVR, ARM
  • reading datasheets of different microcontrollers and electronic components
  • C language ​​and platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • select the appropriate RF protocol for the project

In the midst of multiple operating systems on embedded platforms mobiLAB is most interested in:

  • mbed platform,
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded Android with Android Wear

We are looking for opportunities and partners with whom we can build our expertise in this field.